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William Ruto may become the 5th President before 2022

William Samoei  Ruto is worse than Raila Odinga, this is a sentiment majority of Kenyans can agree to for obvious reasons like the ones stated below.

To begin with, Ruto is said to have a huge appetite for land and has been found guilty once in a court case where he illegally acquired land belonging to one Adrian Muteshi

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Besides, Ruto is also allegedly accused of grabbing the land where Weston hotel stands, in which he is one of the major shareholders.

Last but not least, he is linked to numerous scandals of impunity and yet, the tactical politician always finds a way out.

It took only one scandal to see Ann Waiguru out of office despite rumors suggest that she was close to the president but the man Ruto has remained aloof to all scandulous accusations.

At one point, the deputy president’s chief of staff; Mary Keitany was allegedly accused of funding Waiguru’s aborted impeachment motion which reiterates why this is a man to be feared, he has neither friends nor enemies only stepping stone to his political ambition.

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What  am I implying here? William Ruto is not your ordinary politician but a master of political jujitsu.

He began his political career as tool boy for one Cyrus Jirongo who was then chairman of a political group Youths for Kanu(YK’92) which was formed to campaign for the former president Daniel Arap Moi in 1992 and was later disbanded after successfully completing their mission.

Since then, William Ruto has held several position such as cabinet secretary for Agriculture during the coalition government among other positions like Member of parliament for Eldoret North in Uasin Gishu, Raila’s running mate in 2007 just to name but a few.

He has reiterated before that his appointments have been on merit rather than favor, meaning, no one has ever handed power to him on a silver platter unlike the two most powerful politicians of now who inherited power because their fathers were prominent politicians in the past.

The funny thing is, Ruto schools these politicians even though they claim leadership is in the game.

Enough about the master of political game. Let us consider the two options that may occur after the upcoming general election on 8th August, 2017.

If Raila wins the election, the master of politics in Kenya, William Ruto is going to be a person of interest since he is going to assume the office Raila is currently occupying ‘the opposition’. He will be left to train the failures of this coming general election in preparation for 2022 presidency. Love him or hate him, Ruto is going to give Kenyans a show like never before. Raila will be destructed from handling his duties and consolidating his power that William will have sufricient time to make Kenyans dance to his political tune. Other NASA memebers are not worthy of a mention here.

On the other hand, if Uhuru wins in the coming general elections, William Ruto will maintain his position as the deputy president.

The big question here is but for how long?  Someone might wonder as to why am asking this weird question.

The reason is simple, the Kikuyu community has never voted for another tribe.

Therefore, if this is the case, why is the master of politics supporting the government that is not going to return the favor? Wise men like Ruto will say it is better to be in the rulling government right now because it would be easier for him to acquire the ultimate power.

However, if Uhuru is going to endorse Gideon Moi  of what it seems like hereditary power play or go back to Gatundu silently like Kibaki left office, why would he be giving Ruto the platform to become greater?

Two scenarios might occur after the general elections. Uhuru impeaches Ruto as the deputy president and replace him with Gideon Moi after the first year. But as we all know Ruto, he is not going to go down easily therefore being a schemer that he is, the second scenario is that he may orchestrate a plan to impeach the president and take power before 2022.

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