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VANTAGE POINT THEORY: Basis of All Religious Doctrines

A vantage point is a position from which an event or object is viewed or considered. Our current reality realm exists in the three dimensional space hence our point of view is altered in accordance to time and space.

To understand the basis of the above theory, we have to elaborate on how the human mind perception of an event is altered by his/her position in time and space. Our perception of an event can be explained by Albert Einstein special relativity theory of space-time.

Relativism a philosophical connotation of the special relativity theory states that points of view have no absolute truth or validity within themselves. The relativism statement seems paradoxical but it is clearly stating that the truth about an event or object is dependent on the position of the observer in time and space.

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For example, in ethical relativism, morality of an event or object depends on the relative position of the observer in time and space. Taking a simple concept like beauty, it is truly subject to the eyes of the beholder. Ask yourself this, why do you look better in some pictures than others? The parameters that one uses to judge beauty are extremely subjective that there can be no universal standards of such a concept.

Back to religion, let us concentrate on the coming of the Messiah part to explain why all religion doctrines are branches of the same tree through vantage point theory. First, I have to state that all information on religion has been passed down over generations from the first observers who witnessed the works and deeds of their respective Messiahs.

Now picture this, that the first observers of all religions were watching one Messiah perform his deeds. Then, they would all narrate how the Messiah behaved according to their position in the crowd – vantage points. Variations in the narrations are paramount to ensue due to their relative positions in time and space to the Messiah. Then imagine all this information being passed down over generation before the rise of writing.

The information would be subject to distortions of all manners. There would be layers and layers of variations over the years while the information is passed from generation to generation. Translation of the word from one language to another may alter the information partially or completely. Migration of people from one place to another means that a segment of the people may continue believing one part of the information depending on who they migrated with.

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Culmination of all this leads to a total distortion of the Messiah’s perspective under every religion though they may be speaking about the same person and it all started with the vantage point positions. Riddle me this, why has some outstanding characteristics of the Messiah remained uniform over all religions like sex of the Messiah. The same deduction can be replicated on all aspects of religious doctrines.

Then what can we conclude on all this? All religions are branches of the same tree. They are human creations on trying to understand the Supreme Being in the simplest way possible. There are no right or wrong religions only perspectives.

We all serve one Supreme Being whose existence can be noted by just looking at the world around us. The functionality of universe points to an understanding greater than us. Do not fixate much thinking on which religion you follow but what kind of relationship you can build with the Supreme Being; create your own vantage point.

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Posted by Timothy II Aperit

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