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Understanding life after death.

Despite the existence of human beings for over six million years on this planet, the question of life after death or our existence beyond this realm continues to elude us. In the world of today, religious explanations have dominated our understanding of life after death.

Many of us believe in the existence of a heaven or hell controlled by a Supreme Being. It is not in place of a mere mortal like me to dispute such critical matters but it is also a duty to use our reason to elevate much ignorance from society.

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Before any further indulgence, I should state my belief system to ease your mind about my spiritual allegiance. I believe in the existence of a Supreme Being who orchestrated the magnificence that is our creation. I believe that our lives have purpose of which few of us are privileged to discover and I also believe there is an existence after this life.

That being said, I will state my case as to why life after death is a simple matter that we spend so much time and effort in thinking about that we fail to live and enjoy our current status. Think of your existence before this life, before you were born. I believe that it is total bliss and you do not have any memory of what transpired before birth.

Taking the same notion, the end would be like the beginning, total bliss with no memory of the previous life. Just like birth, death is a door way to a new existence where your past existence would be immaterial.

Your actions in this life are just but an occurrence in the cycle of life. They do not determine anything in the afterlife. Think of this question, if you do not have memories of this existence in your next, does your actions in this existence matter?

Then, spending this life time in a bid to woo the Supreme Creator into giving you a suitable afterlife is just absurd. Since the Supreme Being had the ability to bring you to this life in this form, He retains the ability to take you into the afterlife in whichever form He chooses to. Your actions in this life-time are independent of the Supreme Being’s decision regarding your form or location in the afterlife.

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In conclusion, your next existence is independent of your current existence just like your current existence is independent of the previous one. So strive to enjoy your current existence the way you see fit and stop being burdened by human hypothesis that have deluded many to throw their current existence into turmoil to achieve benefit of an afterlife.

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Posted by Timothy II Aperit

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