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The life train

Today was like any other day. I lazily got out of bed to face my share of the world tribulations. Every day, it was getting harder for me to grasp the entirety of my being and purpose in this dreaded place that we reside. But fight I must, between despair and hope, love and hate, will and fear, positive and negative, the constant duality of our very existence.

Choosing the path less traveled by was my way of life. Although I was optimistic of my potential, the world had hammered me to doubt my own clout. I was traveling in the most dreaded trains of life, the one which takes the unknown path in a leap of faith.

The sun rise was perfect in every way and I believed this was to be my day. And so I got up with all the optimism in the world with an aim to conquer it with all my worth. To show that indeed I am one of a kind and it was time for the world to realize my true potential in light.

Despite my optimism, the world had more lessons in store for me. Lessons that would test my very will and the principles that I believed to hold dear. Lessons that make you reevaluate what you think you know. Today was the day that I was going to experience betrayal.

Earlier in life, I was a big fan of hypothesizing of what you would do when you are caught in a catch 22 situation. It was a common occurrence for my friends and I to come up with questions like, “If you find your wife cheating, what would you do?”

Boys being boys with our inflated egos, the outright answer would be, “leave the f**king bitch”. Their answer agreed with the only rule that the Savior Jesus Christ decreed that was sinful enough for one to divorce a woman.

And so the pain that I was feeling at the moment could never have been hypothesized. At your worst moments, you think that life can never get any worse but guess what sometimes it does. The betrayal made me rethink my whole perspective towards women.

First despite the ever-growing call for gender equality, the African society mentality continues to control our way of life. The man must take the role of providing for the family and today it literally means financial provision. Before you dispute, let me elaborate.

Your family needs a safe place to live and sufficient income to cover the day-to-day expenses. The man takes the lion share in providing for the family and whoever does not meet this standard is deemed less of a man.

Women have a keen eye for survival. From the selection of a mate, women take every precaution to increase their chance of survival and their offspring. Hence, selecting you for your physique and ability is more common than selecting you for love since they will always love their survival more than they love you.

To say the truth, I pushed my woman to betray our trust. My extravagant way of life of taking a leap into the future had left her chances of survival at bare minimal. I had quit my job to pursue my dream of making an even better life for us but I overestimated the patience of the feminine mind. She wanted comfort, stability and certainty which were dreams of avarice in my current situation.

My life train has experienced yet another wreck – the wreck of betrayal. But for every tragedy there is a lesson to be learnt and yes I have learnt mine. So my life train limps on with new knowledge that it is not bad or evil not to believe in love. That betrayal is a part of life and if I ever get the riches that I am looking for, getting booty is just as good as falling in love and so tapping lots of booty is my new nindo way.

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Posted by Dream Ledger