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Tell Miguna Miguna

“Empty debes make a lot of noise.” This statement summarizes the whole philosophy of my primary school teacher who never tolerated noise makers in the classroom. Paraphrasing, the quote implies that whoever makes the most noise has nothing important to say.

This guy Miguna Miguna clearly reminds me of my primary school days and the above quote whenever he taunts his political opinions all over the place. He clearly needs to be taken back to primary school and be taught the virtue of listening and thinking before speaking. Or better yet, he may get a whooping from the class teacher for being an empty debe.

After miserably losing the Nairobi gubernatorial race to a so-called “illiterate convicted drug dealer”, he did not seat back and rethink his political strategy but was back online tweeting that he would not recognize the constitutionally elected governor yet he claims to be an advocate of democracy – what hypocrisy!

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Before the loss, he had arrogantly disrespected Esther Passaris during a political debate. Esther Passaris went on to win the Nairobi Women’s Representative seat while the “revered” swamp drainer went back to vent online. So much for a political strategist who has won nothing.

Let’s go back to his book “peeling back the mask”. After clearly laying out all that he had on Ralia Odinga after their fall out, he is now in the media lime light claiming to be a General of National Resistance Movement (NRM) in support of Raila Odinga swearing in – what loyalty. As much as Miguna may use a façade of political liberation to fuel his political ambitions, he is hypocritical just like many of our politicians. Peel off your mask Miguna!

Taking the stand as a victim in the book, he wants the reader to sympathize with his struggles in the fight for Kenya. Whereas we recognize his patriotism, Kenya does not owe him anything. Talking about how he left a lavish life in Canada to come fight for us, he depicts himself as the liberator of the oppressed. There are other 40 million Kenyans in the same quest and if he feels so aggrieved, he can go back to Canada.

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Miguna, the Kenyan political scene is not a court room. You cannot win the hearts of the people by bashing everyone with your intellectual superiority. For an avid reader and an intellectual, you disappoint many of us by the way you fail to realize that politics is an emotional game rather than an intellectual one. First win the political seat and then show us your intelligence by actualizing real policies that would prosper the Kenyan nation. Other than that, you are just another empty debe.

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Posted by Timothy II Aperit

True believer in numbers. Statistics never lie. Bsc Financial Engineering MBA Finance ACCA