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That one person who you have been looking up to your whole life, that one person who you always knew would have your back no matter what, the one who you would quickly run to whenever you faced a problem or a new challenge, that one person who you thought would wipe away your tears, comfort you when you were at your lowest, that one you thought would hate to see you cry. That one super hero, that one superhuman, your superhuman.

Just when you thought that you’ve gone through bad, bam! The worse hits you. It’s never the worst because as much as you wait for it, with all the anticipation in the world, it never seems to come. And during such trying times, that one person whom you expect so much from is really the only person you need around. One who would make your heart still. So you wait, and as patient as you actually turn out to be, so does the clock keep ticking away. And with every second that passes, you realize that the clock never stops ticking even just for a beat, to wait to listen to your innermost thoughts, and fears that keep tormenting you by the minute.

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You hit a milestone in this journey called life, and who else but your super hero to share it with? All the excitement that has been building up inside, just can’t hold down anymore, its dying to explode, to erupt, just so that that one person can see it, and actually share this beautiful experience with you. Oh, but well, your superhuman seems to be fighting more important battles, busy saving the world. So you wonder, what is this more pressing issue than yours? What could be more important than you?

But this is no new happening to you, yet it still affects you so much.  Because, as much as you have experienced it before, trying to shove it to the back of your brain, it just keeps finding a way to the front  and you actually see it in your eyes, visualize. And just like those annoying commercials on tv, you decide to deal with it, take the remote and change the channel. Most of the time, such confrontations never turn out well, but what the heck! It won’t cost you anything to give it a shot, and you will never know unless you try.

So you hit it head on, no turning back this time. And after anticipating a negative outcome all the while, you discover that your super human’s battles for saving the world, was actually all for you. It becomes a surprise that the toils and toils of endless hours of sleepless nights were just so that you could get an undisturbed sleep; the long work days of sweats was just so that you could breeze through yours leisurely; the moments of sadness and tears were just so that you could experience endless joy and laughter. All in all, it surprises you that your super hero, your superhuman that you saw as, but thought wasn’t, actually was all along.

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Posted by Effie Osendo