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SOCIALITES: Don’t Hate Relate

Today as I was baking in the morning like always, my neighbor was shooting morning glory episode infinity. I have no idea what goes on in the series but from the mellow sounds of the chorister who is always in high spirits to praise her majesty, I can only attest that the sermon is always on point. At this juncture, I could not resist the nagging urge and so I reach out picking my lube and change the program to duck episode infinity.

I was done in a few minutes and decided to log into my social sites. The theme was already set as I was slapped with different kind of African Matanuts.  As I kept scrolling, I saw a couple of ladies who had woken up on thorns throwing shades at some socialites. I read a couple of tweets and I was disgusted because I could not see the reason as to why the ladies were throwing shades.

Huddah II

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The first question that runs through my mind was whether there was anything wrong with being a socialite. Actually we all have two constants in life; that is birth and death, in between one can do anything. So I concluded there was nothing wrong with being a socialite.

vera sidikaI really have no clear definition of who a socialite and this leverage may be used to rule out my thoughts. Based on the literature I have come across on the web, a socialite is an entrepreneur who uses his/her body as an organization to make profits. I don’t know the services offered but I know it’s a very profitable business. Socialites’ job description entails marketing the illusion of best services from an organization whose slogan is “Utafika bei”.

This socialites exhibit characteristics of a monopoly yet there are more than enough firms offering the same or even better services. My issues were not about the socialite business, what bothered me was why the ladies were bitter for no apparent reason. Then it hit me! Wait, a socialite could mean something else which would upset the ladies throwing tantrums, so I started looking for differences between the ladies throwing shades and the socialites. The only difference I found was that socialites were just more aggressive in the business than their nemesis.

HuddaThey all show similar characteristics although am not sure whether socialites offer the same services because it is always alleged that they can mesmerize you. I have never met one before to convince me that it is indeed true. However, am convinced that these ladies throwing shades at socialites offer similar services because I am a living witness.

These kinds are of ladies maybe worse than socialites. In the morning they will pass by Jontez place and offer the services for a few new series, at noon they will be at Dan’s place to offer the same services even without sterilizing the grinder so that they eat lunch, in the evening they take the underpriced service back to the owner.

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At this point it downed on me that there was a learning lesson here which agreed with the Kiswahili proverb “nyani haoni kundule”. I think we should really reflect and accept who we really are because we are who we are. We are a rotten society and time has reached for us to just accept and move on ‘kwani iko nini’.  We are a society that lives by the slogan “When you go to Rome, do what the Romans do” We pretend in every situation in our lives and pretend to be the best at everything.

Vera Sidika II

We should all applaud the person who came with the phrase “Mtaachana tu” this is the realest person according to me. The statement is so true that when you enter in a relationship your girlfriend/boyfriend is already your ex. Perhaps pretense has become a means for survival since I hardly come across an honest person these days.

I met a pretty lady the other day and we exchanged contacts. The following morning, she texted me “morning, it’s pretty babes” fisi ikaanza kumeza  tu mate. I asked her how she was doing and she decided to cease the moment. Jumping into the lie costume, she told me she had lost some family members and her dad was transferred to Kisumu and he is not picking his phone. At this point she started telling me that I was the only person in her life and she wanted me to send her money to go remove a bad tooth. I was so shocked that we have such amazing talents in our society, to cut the story short, I also pitched to be her business partner and am still waiting for her to get back to me…tell your friend ‘kuwa true.’


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Posted by Chris Morphart

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