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Revealed Religion VS Natural Religion

All factions and forms of religion have been and are either revealed or natural. Revealed religion is belief based on God’s disclosure to man of Himself while natural religion is belief based on nature and reason. Revealed religions have had greater dominion over men than natural religions over the history of mankind. Christianity, Hinduism and Islam are the most dominant revealed religions while Deism is the most dominant natural religion.

Revealed religions have been more popular over time due to the fear of eternal condemnation for not following the religious discipline. Natural religions on the other hand have been more free with only reason as the sole basis of self condemnation hence many perceive it as not sufficient enough to quench their understanding of existence.

Stating the obvious, the major function of religion is explaining our existence on how we came to be, what is required of us when we are here and what would transpire after we leave this world. Do you really need religion to answer these questions?

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Reason is sufficient enough to answer the above stated questions but as Karl Max said, “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soul-less conditions. It is the opium of the people.”

Fear of eternal condemnation has thrown reason out of the door. What makes you obey your religion more; the fear of eternal condemnation or the joy of everlasting life?

Yes, it is fear that makes you religious not your profound faith. Fear that you will be condemned to suffer eternally is the sole basis of your choosing to ignore rational reason.

Since we are all conversant with mainstream revealed religions, allow me to enlighten you in Deism the natural religion. Deism is knowledge of God based on the application of our reason on the laws found through nature. Belief in deism frees one from the fear of eternal condemnation hence allowing reason to prosper.

Dissecting the above stated purposes of religion may elevate your skepticism about Deism as the most enlightening form of religion. Remember, Deism is only based on rational reasoning in accordance to nature.

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How we came to be?  

Both revealed and natural religions are in tandem about how we came to exist. Both fractions believe in the existence of a Supreme Being who orchestrated the magnificence of creation. Though both fractions may explain differently how the creation occurred, they both agree that it was the functionality of a Supreme Creator.

Deism like Christianity, Hinduism and Islam differ from Atheism in that Atheists fail to recognize the existence of a Supreme Being. The recognition of existence of a Supreme Being stems from the structural orientation of the universe and our inability to comprehend our own existence.

The universe outward structures are as complex as our inward body structures. Complex dynamic systems interact to form more complex dynamic systems that enable functionality of living beings. Our limited understanding of these complex structures implies that there must be a greater understanding than ours hence the Supreme Being existence.

What is required of us when we are here?

This may be the mother of all religious questions. All revealed religious factions believe that we should live in accordance to the instructions written in their holy books. There is nothing wrong with following a guide book and needless to say, most of the religious books actually contain very specific life instructions that are extremely relevant and applicable. To purport that the holy books contain the word of ‘Supreme Being’ is absurd and completely ridiculous.

As far as we are concerned, the ‘Supreme Being’ wrote neither of the books which only claim inspiration of the writers came from the same ‘Supreme Being’.  Assuming that this was true, the only supporting evidence is in the same books which purport that the writers were inspired by the ‘Supreme Being’. This can be compared with me writing that this article was inspired by the ‘Supreme Being’ and the only supporting evidence is that I am writing that it was here. This is a self fulfilling prophecy.

What makes all religious books believable is the effect of reason. You can resonate with most of the life teachings stated in those books. A rational man would soon realize that what is written in those books are basic occurrences in life; the action-reaction formula. Quoting the bible for example, the whole book of Proverbs is a true depiction of the action-reaction formula.

The underlying principle of the book of Proverbs is extremely simple and obvious. You can completely resonate with it in an instant – does this prove it is the word of the ‘Supreme Being’? It is more likely it is the word of a man – an intelligent man who observed universal functionality and stated undisputed truths. Claiming that the man’s inspiration was from the ‘Supreme Being’ is independent of the writing and irrelevant in this instance. You can replicate the same over other religious books in their respective relevant context.

Deism believes that we already possess the ‘Supreme Being’ given reasoning, one that is constantly written in our minds and not in changeable books that claim to contain the true doctrine. Reason is sufficient to enable you live a straight-forward, fulfilling life and make every decision based on rational thinking. You may pick one or two life lessons from revealed religion but that is it – it is not the word of the ‘Supreme Being’.

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What would transpire after we leave this world?

This is where all revealed religions derive their controlling power over the world population. They claim to have a key that unlocks the after-life door. They all believe that our after-life depends on what we do in this life-time. In revealed religion, reason is completely ignored in answering this question.

We already know what is expected of us from revealed religions to attain desirable after-life status hence we may only divulge what Deism depicts of the after-life. Since Deism believes in the existence of a Supreme Being, the power concerning your after-life resides with the Creator who brought you into this life-time.

Since the Supreme Being had the ability to bring you to this life in this form, He retains the ability to take you into the after-life in whichever form He chooses to. Your actions in this life-time are independent of the Supreme Being’s decision regarding your form or location in the after-life.

Let me pose a question for all the revealed religion believers in the house; without any condemnation or reward in the after-life, would you conduct yourself in the same manner as you do now? To conduct oneself in a specific manner to avoid punishment or receive a reward is not a depiction of faith but human greed.

Deism allows you to live in accordance to your true colors without any fear of condemnation or greed of reward in the after-life. You will love because you want to love not because you are told to. You will be deciding based solely on reason with no regard to what happens in the after-life. True nature of the human society would be revealed.

Since every man is entitled to his opinion and beliefs, it would be irrational of me to tell you that Deism is the true religion. Weigh the facts for yourself but don’t let misguided faith prevail over reason.

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