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Raila Odinga Swearing In: A delusion of the masses.

After arriving in huge numbers at Uhuru Park, NASA supporters were treated to a non-climactic event that saw Raila Amolo Odinga being crowned as the people’s president. The turnout showed the mass admiration and followers that Baba commands and that the quest to Canaan is alive and well in the hearts of many.

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Despite having a successful swearing-in, there was much to be observed from the events that transpired on 30th January 2018.  The following occurrences may put to question the viability of the people’s president impact in the next five years.

  • Absence of the other co-principals

Raila Odinga tried to downplay the absence of the three other co-principals during the swearing-in ceremony. Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula of Ford Kenya and Musalia Mudavadi of ANC were nowhere to be seen despite Raila claiming that they were in solidarity with the swearing-in.

The most viable explanation is that the co-principals were safe guarding their future political careers. Raila seems to be on a martyr quest and has nothing to lose since he is at the end of his political career. The swearing-in may amount to treason hence the absence of the other co-principals.

  • Absence of the government during the whole process

Looking at the “swearing-in” process that lasted less than 15 minutes, NASA’s game play revolved around confrontation of their supporters with the security forces rather than the swearing in itself.

In the events leading to the swearing-in, the government had taken a combative stance in dealing with this treasonous event but to everyone’s dismay, government forces were withdrawn in the morning to the swearing-in.

Chaos which breeds anarchy hence revolutions was averted. The government won in the game of wits this time but we all know that war can only be averted to the benefit of the enemy.

  • Extent of the people’s president power

Having successfully obtained the seat of the people’s president, Raila Odinga has a huge task of leading the people to a revolution. Some may say that the revolution has begun but we all know it is a long way from dethroning the usurpers. The state machinery continues to be controlled by the elected president.

International support would most definitely go to the elected president hence Raila would be depending on the will of Kenyans to complete the quest to Canaan. Financial resources would also be a hindrance since we clearly saw how Jubilee starved NASA of funding during elections.

The only positive for the people’s president is his willingness to sacrifice himself for this cause. If he can induce the same to his followers, then we have a revolution in our hands.

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All in all, the swearing-in of the people’s president is a delusion of the masses. Men go mad in crowds and come to their senses one by one. Unless this revolution has the ability to escalate to a civil war, the swearing-in is more of a fanatic appeasing event rather than a strategic combative move.

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Posted by Timothy II Aperit

True believer in numbers. Statistics never lie. Bsc Financial Engineering MBA Finance ACCA