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NATIONAL RESISTANCE MOVEMENT: From keyboard warriors to the streets.

NRM soldiers rah, tibim, tialala. I speak with a very heavy heart. Omera, the things that have transpired for the last few days has left me wondering; are we in a democracy or dictatorship? Our general MM has been treated like a dog in front of our leader Amolo Raila Odinga. I do not think he is with us anymore; he only went to the airport due to pressure from our ODM leaders. So he sold us out for 25 billion shillings.

NRM general Miguna Miguna

NRM general Miguna Miguna

The flower girls (Mudavadi, Wetangula and Kalonzo) have been mute like they always are since Baba is not showing them where and when to throw flowers. Despite the inconsistencies in our leadership, I believe that we are still strong and so I will put forth this truth that I stand by.

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NASA is no longer alive but NRM is. We are playing to the cards of these aristocrats by agreeing to let the only true General get mauled by the corrupt dogs. To say that MM motive is absolutely genuine is absurd but by the Pareto rule, he is 80% for democracy and 20% for self unlike the leadership now which is 80% for self and 20% for the people.

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And so, we need to take a stand and not on Twitter, Facebook and Watsapp but in the actual ground. Raila would not call protests to safe guard the NRM general, he would not want to annoy his newly wedded wife Kenyatta. Then the responsibility lies with us, the people to show the government where power resides – with us.

From the keyboard to the streets, that should be our move, protests to reiterate that we are neither for corruption nor for ill treatment. We will not let the constitution that we voted for be the downfall of our society. We are not animals but civilized beings and so we all should not be treated like animals and what the General underwent is barbaric.

The epitome of any society is not order but dignity. Independence of the arms of government seems irrelevant at this point and one may wonder whether the ratification of Uhuru’s election was genuine or was it a matter of how deep is your pocket?

I am an NRM soldier and those who are like me Tweet, Retweet, Share, Like so that they know we are alive and we will fight for our rights. We need a minimum of 1,000 people to have a meaningful demonstration and so I do hope that sooner rather than later we will be in the streets, to reiterate our point, democracy is by the people for the people and we are the people.

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Posted by Chris Morphart

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