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Why NASA supporters are pretenders

Let us be candid here and put the reality on the table. We all agree that currently, Kenya politics has boiled down to Jubilee supporters versus NASA supporters.

Both hold two opposing school of thoughts that we would try to elaborate here in the simplest of terms  with no aim of showing the sun with a lantern.

First, let us put ourselves in the shoes of NASA supporters. Their main agenda for voting out the Jubilee government is that Jubilee has failed miserably in actualizing it’s 2013 manifesto  and has caused the country to suffer economic, political and social downturn during their five years tenure.

Next, let us consider Jubilee supporters perspective. They truly believe that the government has performed above average on fulfilling their manifesto and bettering the economical, political and social prosperity of the country.

Empirically, it cannot be substantiated which of the two is right but we can deduce some conclusions about the two group of ideologies which leads to the inference that NASA supporters are pretenders. Pretenders of democracy, pretenders of equity, pretenders of liberation, pretenders of unity and pretenders of prosperity.

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The NASA supporters believe that they are in a quest for liberation in their journey to Canaan but the truth is further from that. NASA and Jubilee are just two opposite faces of the same coin, flipping the coin won’t change the coin.

The above case can be proved in the simplest of terms. Assuming that the claims laid above as to why NASA supporters want to overthrow the Jubilee government were true, then the following argument may ensue in regard to that truth.

An alternative form of government would have to be formulated that would rectify the mishaps of the Jubilee government and here is where we prove that NASA supporters are pretenders.

During the nullified August 8th presidential elections, there were eight contestants on the ballot paper. Obviously, the Jubilee supporters had only one choice because they believed in the incumbent government but for NASA supporters, they had six other options apart from Raila.

All other presidential candidates had the capability of forming superior government alternatives than NASA or Jubilee parties, but NASA supporters chose the path that they did.

Then, the truth is that we are not looking for superior alternative form of governments or superior ideologies but we are pretenders of liberation but play tribal politics.

So let no NASA supporter take a higher moral ground of ideologies to substantiate their claims of ousting the Jubilee government. If this was the case, then the other six candidates would have a chance. Stop the ideological pretence  of democracy and just agree that what you really want is shift of power from one tribe to another due to the numbers that they can gun up.

Suppose NASA coalition clinches the presidential seat, then Kenya would suffer the same fate. Since we have pegged our democracy on voting out a rouge government rather than checking it through policies that curb inefficiencies in the system.

True democracy is not only the ability to vote in the candidate that you want but also the ability to hold him/her accountable to the ideas that made you vote for them.

In conclusion, if current Kenya politics was about ideologies, then the other six presidential candidates  would have a chance hence NASA supporters should refrain from tauting ideologies that they do not hold to heart whereas they are the same as their Jubilee counterparts.

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Posted by Chris Morphart

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