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Nakuru County Politics 101

Kenya general elections are around the corner and shots have been fired from both ends of the spectrum. The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) which is the main opposition party in the country has been reiterating that the Jubilee government is a failed government with rampant corruption while on the other hand, Jubilee government has defended itself claiming that the opposition has been singing the same old song which has never bared any results and the same will ensue in the coming elections.

Media spot light has been focused on the national political scene so much that county politics have been left unarticulated. Among these counties is Nakuru County which has been a point of interest when it comes to national politics.

Being among the most metropolitan towns in the country, Nakuru is home to almost all indigenous tribes of Kenya. This fact leaves the county vulnerable to political gimmicks.

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The county has been in the centre of most political violence and atrocities committed in the name of political liberation. In 2002, non supporters of Kanu were persecuted following sponsored ethnic violence while in 2007 post election violence; Nakuru was among the most affected counties.

2017 Nakuru county election seems to be tending in the same direction. Bahati constituency member of parliament Mr. Kimani Ngunjiri and his personal assistant John Ngugi have been in the lime light time and again for all the wrong reasons. Apart from propagating hate speech, the two have been linked to funding of thugs and goons operating in the vicinity of Nakuru disrupting non supporter’s gatherings and threatening to  annihilate opposition supporters in the county.


Mr. Kimani Ngunjiri PHOTO: Hivisasa

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Kimani Ngunjiri who has already stated his aspiration for the Nakuru gubernatorial seat is a bitter rival to Nakuru County Assembly speaker Susan Kihika. Speculations have been mounted that John Ngugi, Ngunjiri personal assistant may be the master mind behind corrupt dealings in Bahati county and also the threats towards Susan Kihika supporters.

Temperatures are rising in Nakuru County and this may be a risk coming 2017 general elections. Recently, Mr. Kimani Ngunjiri was held in custody among other members of parliament over hate speech allegations. The hate speeches may be down played as part of the political game but remember it only takes a match stick to light a forest fire.

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Posted by Timothy II Aperit

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