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Why Miguna Miguna is the most sought out leader by the opposition for 2022 politics.

As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them join them. Perhaps it is significant to discern this phrase before putting forward any argument. Joining a group that has beaten you fair and square is not an easy task. As you read this piece, let deception ring in your mind to better understand my argument.

So, the handshake is evidently shifting ground in the local politics arena. Reason being; Raila Odinga’s move to join Uhuru’s government is a contentious issues that has left many Kenyans confused. But why did Baba decide to make this move?

For the feeble minds, it was because Kenya was on the brink of chaos. Something had to be done and unity was the only solution. If we needed to be unified, we had to have been divided at some point. Who divided us as Kenyans? The same leaders calling for unity. Then this begs the question,is it unity that we lack as a country or good governance? The answer is good governance. Again, notice the deception by the leaders we chose?

All these circumstances are brought about by the desires and self-interest of our leaders. Sometimes I ask myself whether our leaders think we are fools or indeed most of us are fools. This is food for thought for another day.

Back to the issue of Miguna Miguna, to begin with, the man with the same name twice was a general in NRM Kenya, a resistance movement that was championing for electoral reforms in Kenya. Miguna Miguna was deported to Canada as a result of his role in facilitating Baba’s oath as the People’s President.

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If the handshake gesture was in true faith, then Miguna Miguna would not be undergoing the current shenanigans. From one Kenyan to another, it is utterly unfair to be thrown out of your motherland for agitating for good governance. The reason Baba did not assist Miguna Miguna to come back to our Motherland is the same reason why Baba joined Uhuru and not the unity narrative.

Word on the streets suggest that Baba joined Uhuru’s team because he wanted to unify Kenyans and that he had shelved his greedy ambition to become the president which is a blatant lie. My disagreement with this narrative can be explained by the quest to amend the constitution and Ruto’s negative sentiments in regard to the whole handshake thing and its babies.

The handshake gesture automatically made Ruto the current opposition leaders in Kenyan politics. He cannot be on the same side as the government yet he is fighting the proposals made by the very government. Ruto and Uhuru were very close after 2013 general election but this has since ceased from being the case. Based on the recent circumstances, it suffices to speculate that William Ruto is the new Opposition Leader.

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We all agree that Ruto managed to outwit his enemies in the previous general election by removing powerful governors and replacing them with his close allies. One of his allies is Mike Mbuvi Sonko. Nairobi Gubernatorial race was portrayed as a match between William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyata. In this regard, Ruto emerged victorious.

2022 campaigns have already began barely a year after the previous general elections. It is not a secret anymore that 2022 politics is a two-horse race between the dynasties and Kenyans. The dynasties for a long time have depended on the political master, Daniel Moi the second president of Kenya to continue their reign. However, Baba is likely to take up the mantle from him since Uhuru may be out of the picture come 2022 unless the constitution is amended. On the other hand, Kenyans have Ruto who is a political genius but lacks resources to catapult him to the top seat.

The dynasties think they have Ruto by the balls by attempts to destabilize his solid command in the Rift. First, he was deceived to merge his party so that he could lose bargaining power in the 2017 election rendering him weak and vulnerable for 2022 presidential race. In my opinion, the opposition side needs Miguna Miguna on their side to increase their chances of commanding the majority of the public. This is because most supporters of Baba felt betrayed following the handshake and their only hope for better governance is Miguna Miguna.

Many will claims that Miguna Miguna couldn’t secure the Nairobi’s top seat because he does not have command but that only occurred based on the circumstances at that time. This has since changed and Miguna Miguna has an active role to play thus the need for the opposition to create a seat for him as gesture of loyalty and message to the dynasties. Let the games begin….Prrrrrrrr.

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Posted by Chris Morphart

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