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LOCAL RADICALIZATION: Kenya youth vulnerable to political gimmicks

Will Kenyan youths ever suppress political demonstration? The greatest percentage of people engaging in political demonstration are youths. Do we even know why we engage ourselves in the act?

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It has been also noted that more than 70% of the youths demonstrating in Nairobi are from poor slum areas. Kibera has been one of the area adversely affected. But why is this so? It’s a question that has not only boggled on my mind, but also the minds of many other rational individuals. The big question is, will Kenyans especially the youths break from the bondage of being used as vessels of political gimmicks?

political demonstration VIOn May 23 three people lost their lives as a result of the ongoing demonstrations led by the opposition in an attempt to eject IEBC officials. Some families are stuck in agony at the expense of political picketing. Not only civilian death were experienced but also other casualties were reported that included 28 police officer and innocent civilians. Do the organizers of the demonstrations really care?

Many people argue that youths engage in the demonstrations due to such reasons as unemployment and idleness. The idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Due to this fact, idle Kenyan youths are vulnerable to misuse by the political elite. If they at all cared, they would not have opted to lead violent demonstrations since there are other means of solving the problem.

Naive youths are enticed with insignificant amounts of cash that usually ranges between 200-500 shillings. Unemployed and idle youth may not deny themselves this opportunity for it could probably be their hen’s meat for the day and hence youths tend to grow chaotic and violent with this kind of cash offer.

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political demonstration VRather than politician leading youths in to chaotic demonstration, I believe they can use the opportunity to give the youth alternative options of spending their time in developing the nation.

Just recently after seven members of parliament and one senator were allegedly arrested over hate speech, Kuria said that the politicians eat and merry together but those who end up fighting are the innocent citizens.

The state recently also claimed to name leaders paying youths to demonstrate. County commissioner, Kassim Farrah said that politicians from Homabay who pay youths to demonstrate in town will be named and shamed. Speaking to journalists he reiterated that politicians are using youths for selfish gain and that they have information that elected and aspiring leaders send money to some youths to participate in protests.”Homabay town was peaceful for the better part of day. At around 3pm when they sent money the youths began the anti-IEBC demonstration. We will name and shame them” he said. “Picketing is allowed in the constitution, but not to infringe on others right” he continued.

This clearly shows that politicians play a very big role in organizing the demonstrations. It’s also clear that apart from unpatriotic politicians, indiscipline among the youths is just another cause of chaotic demonstration. In wide analysis, it has been revealed that indiscipline among youths is born from peer grouping. It’s here that they learn drug abuse which has given birth to massive violence. The mass media and bloggers have also contributed to the problem by reporting about demonstration in a positive manner which creates more indiscipline among the youths and instills the urge to demonstrate.

political demonstration VII political demonstration IV political demonstration III political demonstration I

Democracy has therefore yielded its seed called indiscipline. Today, if a Kenyan youth is given a chance to choose what is right or wrong, he/she most probably would choose the wrong option due to the unpatriotic nature that has been cultivated by our leaders. Therefore the blame game has become the new democracy.

Nevertheless there is a mutual benefit in working together and it does not benefit anybody to cause chaos. An appeal to all Kenyan youths; we should make wise political decisions and look for fundamental reasons behind any demonstration. We are all responsible to others and that is the whole essence of life.

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Posted by John Karani