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What is Kilimall Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a model that rewards marketers (affiliates) in commissions for getting customers to perform certain actions. Kilimall affiliate Program is an online advertisement pricing system that rewards publishers, marketers, website owners and social media influencers on the basis of the number of sales generated through a specific code embedded in promotional tools such as links and banners.

How Does Kilimall Affiliate Marketing Work?

Kilimall affiliate Marketing works by first signing up for an account. Click Here To Sign Up. On the sign up page, you will be required to enter your Username or (email), First Name, Last Name, Profile name (Referral ID), Referred By. Additional information includes Web Url, Country, Phone, Cooperation Type, Campaign and Currency. Payout Methods, Mpesa No, Mpesa registered Name.

  • Username (email) – Here you are required to enter your email address or username e.g. Purveyor.
  • First Name – Here you will enter your first name e.g. Peter
  • Last Name – Here you will enter your last name e.g. Mwangi
  • Profile Name (Referral ID) – Here you will enter the name that you like e.g. Phoenix
  • Referred ByPurveyor.
  • Web Url – Here is where you enter the right link to your blog that you will use to market your affiliate links such as,,
  • Country – Choose your country from the List
  • Phone – Enter Your Phone Number
  • Cooperation Type – Choose Bloggers and influencers
  • Campaign – Select among Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda
  • Currency – Select your Currency From USD,KSH,NG UGX
  • Payout Method – Select from Mpesa, Bank/Wire transfer, Airtel Money and Mobile Money
  • Mpesa No – Enter Your Mpesa Number if you Select Mpesa in the Payout Method
  • Mpesa Registered Name – Your Names as they appear on Your Mpesa transactions.

Sign-up Form

After filling out the above options, read the terms and conditions and then click the small button that you agree to the terms and condition and just click Signup Button in Green.

After signing up, you will be contacted by the company through the email that you used to sign up to notify you on your status. Normally, it takes 24-48 hours for you to be approved.

Once approved, you will log in to your affiliate account through the login details that will be provided along with the approval email.

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Kilimall Affiliate Dashboard

Once you receive your approval email login immediately to familiarize yourself with your affiliate dashboard. On your homepage, you will see an image similar to the one below.

Kilimall Affiliate Dashboard

Each Category is elaborated clearly below but the most important include Promotion and Reports

  • Home-Notice there are three links for you to share on your pages if you are from Kenya, Nigeria or Uganda.
  • Getting Started– Here you will get Promotional Tips, Frequently asked questions, advanced tracking and Direct Link Tacking
  • Promotion– Under promotion you will find campaigns, Banner Links, Deep link Generator, Url Shortner.
  • Advanced tools- Ad Channels and Sale tracking Code
  • Reports-Payment Details, Quick Stats, Daily Report, Trend Report, Commissions, Payouts to me, Channel stats Report
  • Profile-Personal Details
  • Sign Up Sub affiliates– Sub affiliates sales ratio
  • Contact Us– Address information
  • Training Material– Tutorial/Lessons to Guide you through

How to use DeepLink Generator

From the links you see on the image above, the links point to the Kilimall website. However, often you will need to promote specific product which will require you to open the item on Kilimall website on a different window then copy the link and paste it on the destination URL on your affiliate account to generate a code which can also be shortened to be used on social media such as twitter. Notice that you need to generate a new code with Deeplink Generator to include your unique code that will be tracked to record your sales.

How to earn from Kilimall Affiliate Program

How to earn money

After successful sign up, an affiliate will be provided with a unique code that will enable them display Kilimall products on their pages. These codes are tracked and those that generate clicks and sales earn an affiliate some commission. Kilimall Affiliate Marketing rewards up to 8% on each sale made within a 30 day period.

Kilimall Commissions Rates

Payment Process

All Commissions earned up to 14th of the month will be paid on 15th. However, the commissions require a minimum of 500 shillings (kili 500) to be approved otherwise the payment period will move to the following pay period which is 15th of the following month.

To know how much you are going to earn in a particular payment period login to your Affiliate Account> Go to Reports>Click Commissions. The ones with approved status are what ones one is likely to receive.

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Methods of Marketing Kilimall Products

  1. Doing Product Reviews

Products review is the most common method of promoting Kilimall affiliate products. A product review will require a detailed description of the product along with its pros and cons. The review will be posted on the website, Facebook page, twitter handle, WhatsApp chat groups among other forums.

  1. Placing Banners

Banners can be effective in Promoting products through placing them on social media platforms and websites.

  1. Email Marketing

If you can access a mailing list of people in certain locality then you can send targeted mails informing them of a new product that is worth trying out.

N/B: There are many ways one can promote Kilimall Affiliate Program you just need a little creativity and know where to reach as many or targeted consumers for the product you choose.

How long it will take to earn money from Kilimall Affiliate Program ?

Earning money from this program will differs from individual to individual. The number of followers and relevance of social media platform to the product are also factors to consider. With a website that receives over 500 daily visitors one can easily make money within the first 24 hours. The amount of money one makes will also depend on number of sales generated among other things such as seasonality of the product. Over a period of time affiliates begin to experience steady flow of income from a particular product.

Tips to maximize your earnings

  1. Promote products on related Niches
  2. Choose products that are on demand throughout the year.
  3. Target your customers to increase Conversion.

Sign Up Here to become a Kiliaffiliate and start earning commissions through generating sales on your website and social media platforms. If you have any questions or comments including suggestions, feel free to drop us a message in the comment section.

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