KENYA POLITICS: The dynasties strategy to oust Ruto before 2022.

Since the handshake, matters have only gotten worse for the DP. Apart from Uhuru failing to publicly support Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid, Uhuru seems to be in bed with his fellow dynasty holders – Raila Odinga and Gideon Moi. Despite Rift Valley Mp’s telling Uhuru to declare his stand on Ruto, the president has remained mute and for the politically savvy, the truth is clear to see – Ruto stands alone.

Irrespective of Uhuru’s political stand come 2022, Ruto is still a force to be feared and the current reshuffle in parastatal heads can be seen as an attack on Ruto’s greatest weakness – funding.

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Not that I support corruption but the current corruption scandals seem like strategized releases rather than impromptu findings. First is the timing of the findings and second is the magnitude. All the scandals released hit the wires less than two months before the Madaraka day celebrations where the president declared fresh vetting of public officers.

Whereas the president’s statement on vetting covered all parastatals, only few were the main target of an actual reshuffle. Among them were parastatals under the ministry of energy & petroleum and ministry of agriculture, livestock and fisheries.

The two ministries were the greatest inflow earners for the DP who is in a bid to amass funds before the 2022 political battle. The DP established roots when he was the minister of agriculture and he has his man Charles Keter in the ministry of energy. Lest you forget, Charles Keter was the founder of URP and not Ruto.

Remember, the same two ministries are part of the Mount Kenya Mafia strategic game play. With the oil finding in Turkana, the energy ministry would be a money minting ministry hence the need to oust Ruto and his allies from it.

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The above analysis clearly indicate that the dynasties are out to frustrate Ruto funding capabilities which he desperately needs for 2022. If this was not the case, then Uhuru would have by now declared his support for Ruto and put all this speculation to bed. His silence is a clear statement that dynasties will stick together and the hustler nation is only a dream.

Posted by Timothy II Aperit

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