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This time, I never went to the capital of the Machakos county but I was headed for Tala and Thui way past Matungulu.

Drive started from the concrete city of Nairobi as famous known as “Green city under the sun”. Joined Kangundo road and had first stopover at Koma Rock Shrine.

This is a great place of worship under the Catholic Church located up on a small hill and bears much of spiritual environment from sculptures that depict the way of the cross: the story of Jesus from his arrest to crucification. There is a laid out route for believers that goes round the hill with sculptures showing each stage of the happenings as by the bible.

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Up this hill is a great marvel of art and also a big sculpture of Holy representation of Mary mother of Jesus holding Jesus in her arms.

From information we got, this is a handwork of a lady, this gave me joy to really understand that even ladies can do great work, because this sculpture is so big that even saw it like our own “sculpture of Liberty” especially when you get close to it and see how huge and artistic perfection piece of work it is above all, the effort of a lady

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There is also great views of the surrounding areas almost to a 360° panoramic view and like a gift to the view from the top, in a distance lays Mt. Ol Donyo Sambuk or as known Mt. Kilima Mbogo the resting place of a great historical figure, Lord William Northrup Macmillan (1872–1925), after whom a library is named and  is the only landmark in Nairobi that is protected by an Act of Parliament.

After a short nature walk round the church and on the rocks that looks so beautiful combined with the panoramic views to chirping birds to trees we drove off to our next destination.

The road trip took us through Nguluni town, the we proceeded to Tala a town near Kangundo then left the tarmac to head for Thui. Amused is what my fellow travelers were, with the images many have grown knowing of as dry land of Machakos in this area is different with green farm lands on the hills with coffee plantation, cassava, guava trees, Napier grass and much more green farmlands.

Got to our destination, Kanzalu.

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This is a hidden gem that is gifting with great views of masinga dam way far in the horizon and also the yatta plateau down below our view point as it stretch far to the horizons.The trail down the hill is such an adventure that at some point one is required to use the roots of trees down below the rocks and through nature comprised of shrubs and trees leading to an opening of rocks below the view point above.

The beautiful rocks makes it a great picnic site in administration of This hidden gem of Beauty and nature’s gift.

This is such a place I can say is well kept gifting you with panoramic views to great natural artistic expression from the different colors of the rocks to nature walk.

The place tend to never letting you leave and go back home from the beautiful views and birds fly by

But we had to bid good bye for lunch and later swimming at another beautiful location known as Nguluni Savannah Lodge a place I believe is the best escape or getaway hotel far from the city and at very peaceful location

Enjoy the pictures of this great destination and now buy a backpack, and go out to adventure to Hidden Gems such as Kanzalu hill among others. As they say,

“Take the less traveled roads” (that is where adventure is)




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Posted by Titus Biwot

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