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Kenya Politics: If Jubilee must fall!

If Jubilee must fall in the coming general elections, it must be because they underestimated the word digital. They took power as a digital government at the time when the country was transitioning from analog to digital. It is common for Kenyans to blindly follow the crowd for the majority is supposed to justify everything an example is the quail scam, and we pretend like it never happened. Digital has become synonymous to a majority of Kenyans who have access to information.

Sad there is someone in Kenya who does not know or give a crap who the hell is the government. Back to matters, everything old is currently associated with analog and anything new is associated with digital. These are the days where men brag to have gone digital when seen with a light skin.

The objective of this PR strategy by the Jubilee government was to discredit Raila’s team and to realize what Mutahi Ngunyi would later come to name tyranny of numbers. With this PR strategy, the election was already decided.

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Just after the elections, the self-proclaimed digital team forgot how digital PR had influenced the people’s decision to vote in their favor. The Uhuruto team completely focused on other businesses as you and I would.

Raila painfully began to craft a move which would help him win many hearts. Raila decided to leverage on the government’s failures to make him relevant all through Jubilee first term. Raila began to campaign for this coming August general election immediately after admitting defeat.

Throughout Jubilee’s first term, Raila has been setting the agenda for them and they have always been rising to the occasion. Those who watch football can relate to those moments where a player provokes another and then when confronted, they fake being attacked, and the suspect player gets red-carded on many occasions.

Jubilee might end up being sent off the pitch if their digital team is not going to up their communication.

Media plays a critical role in politics, whether negative or positive, news can always be manipulated to serve a purpose. Politicians like Mutua and Joho understand the importance of having a good PR team that is dedicated to pushing their agenda.

There is always an angle to a story which is only known to the author. Philosophers argue that a message received by an individual is dependent on all the literature available to that individual regarding that message at any particular time – bounded rationality.

The sender of the message might have a totally different perspective from the interpretation of the receiver. We can then assume that since information can be manipulated, we expose ourselves to information that might not necessarily be true but have a huge influence on our lives.

Most, if not all of the political shows in Kenya are staged in a similar way advertisements are composed. To manufacturers, advertisement means improved sales but to politicians, paid shows mean more than popularity.

To a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is all about entertainment yet to the owners of the program is to develop a platform for product placement. To the audience of the movie Transporter is a captivating film while the intention of the owners is product placement through marketing the vehicle’s features and performance.

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Media is responsible for keeping their viewers updated with the latest information, but it is not obligated to provide you with particular information if it does not reflect on numbers which their advertisers are looking for. Many people attest to not watching television for lack of content worthy of their time. Thanks to advancement in technology now there are so many sources of information and people do not have to depend on traditional forms of media as the only source of information.

Kenya is ranked among the top nations in Africa and recognized internationally with high internet penetration and social media influencers have become a strong force to reckon with for their sophisticated marketing strategies that enable them to reach targeted audience.

With less than two months to the general election, campaigns have taken center stage especially in various social media networks. One would assume that since we are divided into two political groups, Jubilee and NASA, then it is likely that the representation online is equal.

The truth of the matter is if elections were held today based on online statistics; Raila would emerge victorious without a doubt. It is only the polls transmitted by traditional media that show Uhuruto is ahead but when it comes to feedback and polls from social media networks, Uhuruto should be packing.

The only explanation for this scenario is that many scandals and corruption cases that have been associated with Jubilee government have been widely circulated and for the first time people are becoming more and more aware due to easy access to information. Talk of spending a whole day with your friend and at the end of the day they end up tell you about how Vera Sidika was shopping in Las Vegas or how Muva ambassador has been posting nudes online.

We have always reiterated the fact that people do not value manifestos because we only choose our leaders based on one factor, tribe. This coming general election is going to be decided by the team which has managed to influence the voters based on available information and as it stands, Noma Sana. My advice to his Excellency President Uhuru is to take Museveni’s way and shut social media until the numbers are in his favor.

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Posted by Chris Morphart

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