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Jackson the Psychopathic Lawyer

Jackson counted his steps as he walked up the stairs to his apartment. It had been a long day at the law firm and he couldn’t wait to get to the house. Not that he wanted to rest but there was something bugging his mind that had to be settled. Arriving at his doorstep, Jackson removed the keys from his laptop bag.

“Good evening neighbour.” Eva startled Jackson making him drop the keys.

“Good evening.” Jackson replied while quickly unlocking his door after picking up his keys in confusion. Slamming the door behind him, Jackson sighed with relief. He always tried to have minimal contact with Eva who was always in the mood for a conversation. She was beautiful, charming and extremely friendly towards Jackson but there was something holding him back. What if he was truly what he thought he was – a psychopath?

Today was the day to settle all the inward thinking and accept the truth. While at work, Jackson had searched the internet and discovered tests that one could take to determine their psychopathic tendencies. He had narrowed his search down to the McDonald Triad and Dark Triad tests.

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Much of his own past behavior had led Jackson to believe he was a psychopath. He was a sucker for perfection, a pathological liar, lacked any form of remorse, extremely manipulative, incapable of love and needed to live on the edge for constant stimulation. He consoled himself thinking that these traits portrayed how most human beings behaved but recently he had been having animalistic urges; ones that crossed the boundaries of being human; ones that if he acted upon would make him a psychopath.

After fixing a quick meal, he sat down to evaluate his psycho mind. First was the Dark Triad test. He opened the link and took the test which measured Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy. It only took less than five minutes for the test to show his malevolent qualities. On a scale of zero to four, he scored a four in Psychopathy, a three in Machiavellianism and two point five in Narcissism.

The second test, McDonald Triad only confirmed further what he feared most – he was a psychopath. McDonald Triad test which involved evaluation of character based on the triad links of cruelty to animals, obsession with fire setting and persistent bed wetting only cemented the Dark test results.

Doing the Mcdonald Triad test made Jackson drift into the past. When Jackson was a kid his parents died in a bizarre road accident that left him orphaned.  He was put under foster care in a lovely middle class home following the tragic death of his parents. After happily living with the foster family for about a year, his foster father lost his job. Due to frustrations of failing to get employed, Jackson’s foster father started to heavily drink and was sometimes violent to his wife and children including Jackson.

The continued violence and anger meant that Jackson had to find a way to let out steam. When he was seven, he found something pleasurable to do around the house that involved the foster family pets. First victim was Ken the chicken. One day after the drunken foster father violent outburst, Jackson went to the back of the house to hide. There, he found Ken gracefully resting in the chicken coop.

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Jackson took Ken from the coop just to hold him. In the process, one of Ken’s feathers dropped. Jackson enjoyed how the feather gently drifted in the air before landing on the ground. He wanted to see that again and so he plucked one feather and let it fly. The feeling was even better knowing the pain he had caused the chicken of the foster family. Before he knew it, he had plucked all the feathers of Ken while he was still alive and he liked it all the way.  He could not let the featherless chicken roam around so he strangled it and buried it in a shallow grave in the garden.

The next victim was Susan the family cat. She was always treated better than Jackson hence he grew to dislike her. After waiting for the opportune moment, Jackson was left home alone with Susan. He lured Susan using milk and placed her in a sack. He drowned the cat in the bath tub while eating ice cream. Since he believed that cats have nine lives, he went on to skin the cat and chop off its head. He conducted a solo burial of the cat laying her to rest beside the chicken.

When the foster family returned home, Jackson was thoroughly beaten after the foster father found out what had happened to Susan. Jackson was not apologetic hence he was told to sleep in the tree house. Before the foster family could say their good night wishes, Jackson had set the tree house on fire.

Shutting down his computer, Jackson went to bed knowing that he was a psychopath. He was not afraid anymore. He did not resist the animalistic urges. While in bed, he thought what would happen if he succumbed to one of his urge about a client or about Eva. There was no need of holding back any more. If fate had decided to make him a psychopath, the least he could do is act the part accordingly and stop pretending that he was normal. Jackson drifted off to sleep wondering how many psychopaths were out there, how many clicked on the link to find out their true colors.

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Posted by Timothy II Aperit

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