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Happy Never After

They danced in the pouring rain, kissed in the bright sun, laughed in the pitch dark, lay under the beautiful moonlight and sang in the whistling wind. The late picnics by the lake never got old, while the long walks in the parks were always a delight. Date nights remained magical as they always felt like it was the first time. The candle lit dinners accompanied by the slow soothing music always set a mood for the night. And of course, a little glass of bubbly wouldn’t hurt, or would it? So he thought.


Oh how he wished all these moments would last forever. Nobody had ever put him in a trance like she did. Her big bright beautiful eyes always seemed to see right through his soul. Her lovely melodious voice would calm him down even in the most stressful of situations. Her laughter always made his day. It almost seemed like she had cast a spell on him, a love spell, that couldn’t be broken by any force that dared to come between them. Each day that went by made them stronger and stronger, till they seemed inseparable, even in death.

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What else would make them happier than the arrival of the much anticipated newest member of their family? His innocence was so pure and his tiny fragile fingers would wrap tightly against his thumb whenever he would reach out to touch him. The inherited smile he would pose from time to time whenever his father looked into his eyes was simply priceless. How blessed he thought he was. Everything was going as planned, and so, a little glass of bubbly wouldn’t hurt.


All the while, his attention was slowly switching to another flower, another goddess. Her perspective in the way she views life and lived it, completely blew his mind away. She was different, and was slowly creeping to his wife’s position as all the attention and affection slowly and completely switches to her. She cast a new spell on him and the love spell bound he previously was in, that was so indestructible was broken, shattered to pieces. And until it was too late, was when he realized, that this new found happiness was to be shared with her one and only goddess, the mother to his son, but it was too late, because he got home to an empty house.


What had he done? Had he forgotten how much sweat and blood it took to get to where he had with his family? And now, the bottle of bubbly was all he saw. This time he was not taking a glass as a celebration, but a bottle as a companion. And every night he got to his empty house, that was once a life filled home, he would look at his new bottle companion, and would drink himself to sleep. Because he knew the happy ever after he once had, was now just a happy never after.

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Posted by Effie Osendo