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Effective Tips of Becoming Successful in Jumia and Kilimall as an Affiliate In Kenya

If you are reading this article, you probably know all about affiliate marketing. If you have no idea, affiliate program is a concept in marketing that is used to generate sales for a particular company.

Normally, the company and in our case Jumia and Kilimall, have established an affiliate program where one registers and markets various types of the products offered on the site for a commission.

The commissions differ from one platform to another as is evidenced from Kilimall affiliate Program and Jumia affiliate program. The affiliate platform is mainly offered to publishers and marketers as a way of making money from their efforts and I am going to explain why but before that, anyone can join the platform and start promoting products for commissions.

Affiliate marketing is a legit form of business that can earn you good money over time or immediately if you clearly understand how the system works. This is not a scam and you need not to invest money to make money unless you are paying advertisement fees to a professional to promote the products for you.

Many people are always interested in knowing how to effectively maximize their efforts to make a good income. So, let’s get right to it…

Ever heard of the phrase “Money is in the list?” Well, if you have not, it means exactly that if you replace the word list with tons of traffic. You need good traffic to make good money as an affiliate marketer and that is why publishers and marketers are the most likely to make easy money. However, social media platforms allow following and people with lots of followers including influencers have the opportunity to make money as affiliates. So, the huge the list the higher the number of sales one is likely to convert.

Publishers and Marketers own and have access to websites that pull significant traffic monthly. If a website page has 100,000 visitors on a monthly basis, about 10% of the traffic will convert to sales if you place your affiliate banner or link on that page. If 10,000 people out of 100,000 purchase a product through your link then you should not worry about rate of commissions because you will be making a killing.

For instance, if you promote Fashion Product from Kilimall affiliate Program you get to earn 8% commission on each sale. Let’s say you promote a product under fashion category that costs Ksh 650. 8% Commission for a sale of the product will earn you 52 shillings. If your site attracts 100,000 visitors and 10,000 purchases are made through your link, you earn a cool 10000*52= 520,000. Isn’t that some good passive income?

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From the above example, you can increase your margins by increasing your conversion rate. You increase your conversion rate by promoting relevant products to relevant niche sites. For Instance, you will get higher conversion rate if you promote Fashion Products on Fashion related blogs and sites. This implies that you will be targeting a specific group of people which has higher chances of increasing conversion rate as opposed to promoting fashion products on a football site. Therefore, you need to factor relevance to increase the amount of money you can make with affiliate program.

Before you begin promoting any products from Kilimall and Jumia, you need to do some research on the specific products. Find out how many products are sold monthly, find out if the product is seasonal or available throughout the year, estimate how many sales you can make in a given month. If your calculations make sense then you can begin planning how to promote your product.

The money is in the list and there is no way around it. However, you need not to set up a niche site or grow your social media following to be able to promote affiliate products effectively. One can always use Facebook advertisements that will help you select the audience that is likely to convert and promote your product at a fee.

Alternatively, reach out to social media influencers or website owners who specialize in a specific niche and ask them to place a link on their sites content or YouTube. Some will charge you a small fee but if you can increase your conversion rate then no need to worry as your goal is to make a profit.

Lastly, find forums on social media groups and promote your products to related sites or under a particular hashtag that is trending to improve your chances of making substantial income.

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