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Cries of the Unborn

So they both sat there, confused about the decision they had just made. And as the clock ticked away second after second, so did their minds scroll, thought after thought, and regret after regret. He quickly gobbled his bottle of icy cold liquor in bitterness, as she puffed away the last stick from the cigarette pack. They both didn’t know they would get to this point in their lives. Silence filled the air to a point that it felt like a lengthy and tiresome conversation, about everything but actually about nothing.

On that New Year’s Eve, under the flashing fireworks and booming music in the starry night, they made a vow to each other, to always remain true to one another. And bound by the forces of the earth, they took the agreed blood oath. Nobody else was supposed to know about this, as they would each take it to their grave. Oh, how happy they were, as they danced the night away in ululations and celebrations. This was a night they would have to treasure for the rest of their lives for it would seem a crime if they didn’t.

Staying out in the cold, deep in the night got really exhausting, so they got back to the hotel. Calming music and dimmed candle lights filled their all white and aired room, which quickly set the pace to a memorable night that led to another, and another, and another. Their love was truly blind, and by the time they started coming back to their senses, his seed was growing in her. What had they done? They were too young for this kind of commitment, and so the obvious came to mind.

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embryoEarly the next morning, right after confirming the amount they needed for the procedure, they headed out, hand in hand, to the clinic nearby. They had rehearsed in their minds over and over again what they would say when they got there, but became dumb founded when the lady at the reception yelled, “Next!” Having no other choice, they finally gathered courage to explain their predicaments and were done within a short span of time. They sighed in relief, but little did they know that what they just did was going to be a thorn in their flesh.

And as time passed by, it started to sink in, slowly but vividly. They weren’t any different from the criminals in the street who took away innocent lives. Love went out through the window as guilt knocked at the door. He resulted to the bottle to distract him from what he did. But she suffered the most, because it was her womb that carried his seed, it was the connection she felt with the unborn. Couldn’t she wait just a few more months? She could have been holding two little babies in her arms right now. And as she sunk into her newly found comfort, all she could hear ringing in her head were the cries of the unborn as she puffed away.

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Posted by Effie Osendo