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Conspiracy Behind Businessman Jacob Juma Death

A conspiracy is an agreement between persons to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights or to gain an unfair advantage. You my reader already have all the information concerning Jacob Juma’s murder. What you need is a story.

Sun Tzu said, to lift an autumn hair is no sign of great strength; to see the sun and moon is no sign of sharp sight; to hear the noise of thunder is no sign of a quick ear. To understand this story, what you need is an open mind to see through the cloud of dust that covers up the golden goose.

In the television series Billions by Brian Koppelman , Bobby Axelrod , an ambitious hedge fund manager who came from humble beginnings is under investigation for insider trading and bribery. In season one of the series, Bobby devices a great plan to throw the US attorney, Charles Rhoades and his team out of the game by using one of his employees who was suffering from cancer. The employee (Donnie) pretended to be a confidential informant for the US attorney agreeing to place a trade based on insider information from Bobby. The trade is executed but the US attorney failed to get a recording of the conversation between Bobby and Donnie. The only prosecutable evidence was Donnie’s testimonial as a witness but Donnie died before testifying in court hence the case against Bobby was dismissed at the disgrace of Charles Rhoades.

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Artists use lies to tell the truth. You may think that conspiracies only occur in movies but one is happening next door as you are reading this article. Just like the television series, my story starts with a group of men who want to gain mass crowd admiration and what better weapon to use than a political martyr.

Every political movement rallies behind an idea. The idea may be injustices, opportunity, corruption or anything that appeals to the wild masses. Then they have to give an antagonist on whom to blame all of their problems. For religion, Satan himself is the principal antagonist while for politics, who better to blame than the government.

So the plan goes like this. The political martyr is a true believer in the school of thought of the group of men. Since the end justifies the means, the group of men is willing to go to extreme lengths to stir up waters to catch fish.

The martyr starts to build up evidence against the government as he prepares for his ultimate sacrifice and what better place than the social media.

Jacob Juma tweets

The evidence must be available to the general masses for the group of men to use when appealing to the masses and alas a common truth and understanding has been established. A pattern emerges and from here hence forth the word of the group of men would be the accepted truth.

The group of men then goes forward with the fight to find justice for their fallen brethren. The matchstick has been lit and all the group of men need is the media to fuel the ignition by daily broadcasting news of latest turn of events concerning the murder.




The group of men has now established a position to influence the general masses thinking about the murder since no one knows the truth and the government is not forthcoming with information which paints a guilt status.

At this point, the unrest in the general masses has build up to levels that only an answer to the murder will calm them down. The group of men now promises the general masses that once they are in power they will deliver justice on this case and other cases that have occurred over time and is against the government. A shift in perspective occurs and the general masses are willing to take a risk to put the group of men in power hoping that they will receive justice for the greater good of the country and human society.

The conspiracy of ascent to power is complete for the group of men. They have completed the Mintzberg five P’s of strategy. Have a plan, determine a place to focus the attention, establish a pattern, impose your position and cause a shift in perspective.

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Posted by Timothy II Aperit

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