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Campus Girls Sit Down, Be Humble Like Your Mothers.

The “sponsor” hype has been rampant in society since time immemorial. Men have been known to scamper after young girls half or even quarter their age. Myth has it that the younger the girl, the less number of suitors she has slept with and the higher the chances of her private parts being intact unlike their older counterparts who have been deflowered over time. Nature has it that girls are known to mature more faster than boys. I do not know of the biological part but that’s just how it is. It’s a generally agreed custom in society that girls do indeed mature faster.

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As a normal human being like you breathing oxygen, I know that times are hard and that the system is “f**ked” for lack of a better word. The government has gone down the toilet in its mandate to fulfill the social contract in which the people granted them power to govern us. Public amenities are way below standards and the word “corruption” screams from one public office to another. Every now and then is another scandal to rob off the common mwananchi. Day by day he gets poorer while the bourgeoisie pockets keep getting fatter.

With the rise of the internet in this age and time, being a socialite is eyed by most campus girls. Of course we can’t forget a couple of men with some gay tendencies who would like to give a run to the campus girls in posting for likes. I do not refute the fact that man is a social animal and the need to connect to his or her fellow counter parts is key for survival and basic human interaction.

However, the campus girl has used the social media platform as a tool for advertising themselves to prying men. This is basically soft prostitution, I mean prostitution on a lighter note!. You see, most of these campus girls are fake. The pictures on their walls are with clothes, shoes and hand bags of their friends. Surprisingly, women don’t mind sharing clothes at all and you won’t know if this extends to even under garments. It’s a possibility!. Well, you might think I’m being petty by bringing up this issue but it’s hard to find a man borrowing such or indulging in such things as borrowing trivialities. This just extends to give a clear example of how far campus girls are willing to go to woe men. Funny creatures that God made us, is it that women are always petty and more materialistic while men are just simply perverts!

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Many at times when I save my money to go for a date with a girl and buy her good food in a nice restaurant, she’s always quick to flash out her phone and take a picture to post on social media. When you are checking out a chic (stalking), you look at her page and see all the fancy places she’s been to, thinking she’s high profile and stuff. What she doesn’t include in the photos is the man who paid the bills. It might be someone’s grandfather for all I can imagine.

This weekend my friend cracked my ribs with this girl she took out for drinks and sheesha, the girl wanted pictures with the sheesha bonk but was adamant to include him in them. This clearly resonated with my previous experiences. Girls can’t afford shit by themselves, let’s face the truth. These ladies who scream miss independent on their social media are the ones not ready to pose with the grey haired man with a big belly and a wrinkled face who keeps paying the bills. The next time a girl calls you broke, just tell her to put up the picture of the grandfather who pays the bills. It’s only fair we get to see the full package. They don’t need to pretend while shitting on our heads that they are having the time of their lives. What we are never told is the number of times they close their eyes not to see the old man humping on top of her. Let me warn them here verbatim that sex is life. Human beings are like trees that absorb energy from each other and trust me you don’t know what spiritual debris you are left with in your aura from having sex with these old men in exchange for the finer things in life. 

I do agree that the world has changed a lot and comparing the campus girl to her mother is next to impossible. Well, not with uber around, the whore dresses in her closet and the many weekends she wakes up on strange beds after a frenzy night out. The drinks she was bought for had to be paid for in kind. I honestly pray that my soul mate is not out there being a whore, may the good Lord save her from this sponsor menace.

Life is a full circle if you haven’t noticed. We always end up where we started. I guess that is why the law of karmic returns makes so much sense. The campus girl will one day be married and throw tantrums on finding out that her husband has a campus girl on the side or worse her daughter has someone’s grandfather who might be me since she refused to date me when I was young and didn’t have money.

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Well, don’t blame me for not having money right now, it’s not that I’m lazy, I work my ass off. But I guess that’s just how the system was made which reminds me of the famous swahili saying “kazi kwa vijana, pesa kwa wazee.” I’m very sure there are plenty of other young rejected men out there waiting for the campus girls daughters too, starting with my friends, you know yourselves!.

Campus girls are a perfect example of “mzazi kuuza ngombe na kupeleka ingine shule”. They can’t do simple mathematics. Hypothetically if you date a guy your age let’s say 23, he’s still in school, so no job. If he’s from an average family, he gets like 10k a month from his folks for upkeep. If he manages to take you out for pizza or a night out he might spend up to 4k or 5k a month. That is 40% or 50% of his total income. On the other hand someone’s grandfather let’s say 55 earns like 1M, spends 20k and you are head over heels. That’s only 2% of his income. That’s nothing to him; it’s parking fees for his V8. Do the math.

If love really boils down to money who loves the other more? I guess the young man takes the trophy home. Don’t forget the fact that the sponsor doesn’t have one campus girl since they know their thirst for money. This opens you to vulnerability to sexual diseases around and also don’t forget the number of partners the sponsor has had over the years. The young man on the other hand is probably too broke to maintain even the one girl that he doesn’t have and is bound to be faithful.

I shall end on this note, campus girls, when your mother met your father, did he have money?. I guess not. Do they have money now? I guess yes. Moral of the story, be like your mother, she was not stupid to choose your father!

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