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The Bro Code Dilemma

The Bro Code is an unwritten set of rules that govern the relationship between male friends. The Bro Code has been in existence for centuries but was largely popularized by Barney Stinson, a character from the television series “How I Met Your Mother.”

The slogan “Bros before Hoes” sums up all of the Bro Code Rules meaning that male friends should never pursue a woman at the expense of their friendship. If a relationship with any lady is likely to infringe The Bro Code, then a brother should dump the lady immediately.

Since The Bro Code Rules have not been standardized, they have been subject to infinite interpretations that have lead to the Bro Code Dilemma. The Bro Code Dilemma arises when a brother is torn between following The Bro Code and tapping that booty.

This article endeavors to establish Bro Code Dilemma solutions after analysis of scenarios that Bros have experienced and caused them to have the Bro Code Dilemma. The following Bro Code Dilemmas’ have the highest probability of occurrence and therefore a Bro should have rules on how to tackle them.

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Bro Sisters’ Dilemma

Problem:The Bro sister’s dilemma arises when a bro wants to tap the sister of a bro. This scenario largely occurs due to the constant interaction between the sister and the Bro’s friend. Ladies tend to compare every man they date with their fathers or brothers. In the eyes of the lady, the brother is always the perfect gentleman and the mere fact that the brother has approved you as a friend implies that you qualify for the same hence attraction is paramount to ensue.

Solution:Your sister would find someone to tap her booty; it might as well be your Bro. The only catch here is that the Bro needs to treat the Bro sisters with respect. The hit and run situation is out of play here since it would only paint a bad picture on the Bro Code.

Bro Ex Dilemma

Problem:The Bro Ex Dilemma arises when a bro wants to tap the EX of a bro. This scenario may arise when a Bro’s chic falls for a Bro’s friend but the friend holds his horses in accordance to the Bro Code. The situation changes when a Bro breaks up with the girlfriend without undue influence from the friend hence the lady is in the open market for the taking.

Solution:The mere fact that you have broken up with your girlfriend indicates that you do not want her anymore. Since she will most definitely find someone to tap that booty, there is no point of hindering your Bro from tapping it. Get over your feelings and move on!

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Bro Shotgun Dilemma

Problem:This dilemma arises when a Bro calls shotgun on a lady that you both want but the lady is into you more.

Solution:The Bro should be given substantial time to woo the lady. The substantial time would be subject to the Bro’s ability to close the deal. Once substantial time has lapsed without any headway, the other Bro can then tap the booty without having to break the Bro Code.

Bro Wing man Dilemma

Problem:The Bro Wing man Dilemma arises when you have to take the poor looking chic for your bro to have a shot at her beautiful friend. These mysterious creatures called ladies hunt in packs and sometimes you have to take the whole package to reach the golden island.

Solution:There is no debate here, a Bro has to take one for the team and date the poor looking chic.

In the end, Bro Code Rules are used to safeguard Bro relationships with each other and the ladies. The aim is to keep Bros’ friendship in check while allowing a Bro to get as much booty as possible. The epitome of good Bro friendship is maximizing each others opportunities to get good booty without “catching feelings”.


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Posted by Timothy II Aperit

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