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The first decree was: love your God with all your beingness and love yourself unconditionally as a divine spark of the creator and love everyone else as you love yourself. As you fill yourselves to overflowing with the healing elixir of love, your circle of love/light expands and begins to affect all persons in your environment, and eventually the intergalactic forces shall come down and you shall feel your body vibrate like a well tuned instrument.


Every day you place your feet on mother earth, you bring down the energy through your crown all the way to your toes and back to your crown and out the top of your head. Focus on your emotional nature for a moment for herein lies your ability to experience love in its many aspects and variations. Love is the glue and prime life force energy of creation. If you feel unworthy or lack the ability to receive and project love, you are denying yourself the gift of life- the most precious gift offered by our creator.

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It is important to instill in our minds and monitor your thoughts and emotions, to be selective of the food you feed yourself at all levels. As you learn to draw on the PURE LIFE FORCE SUBSTANCE OF COSMIC CREATION, you will quickly attain the knowledge and wherewithal to overcome your limitations and imperfections. That is what is awaiting you in the near future, beloveds. It is how soon you tap into this gift that comes directly from the light in the fifth dimension that is when you can bypass all distractions and restrictions of the lower dimensions.

Much can be overcome and transmuted through clear, focused, balanced, and loving thoughts and emotional expression. A true master of light can transmute and neutralize almost anything within and around them, but they are wise enough to realize it is a waste of TIME on neutralizing substances that they can avoid.

It is important to learn that negative feelings are not your true feelings at all: rather, they are your thoughts about something, based always on the previous experience of yourself and others. You will not find truth in your past data, Forget your “past experience” and look directly at the experience you are having right here right now, that is your truth. It is imperative that you understand that truth is singular and its versions are mistruths.



An intention is a clear asking for something to be done. An affirmation is something that is repeated many times like a mantra. A service that is of great value is to create intentions for specific situations in people’s lives. Some refer to intention setting as prayer. Intentions are very much the same and are a powerful way to ask for and create change in life. Conscious intention, conscious direction, conscious faith and acceptance is all that is needed for change. The power of the spirit will flow in the direction you give it.

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It is indeed true that we are all born with special gifts of discernment in life. Who we are and imagine ourselves to be varies with time, space and the circumstances that face us in life. It is important to treat EVERYONE with respect and gratitude and with utmost humanity and love for we don’t know tomorrow for everyday is a day full on INFINITE possibilities.

Ascension is a shift in consciousness, a raising of all lower bodies (physical,emotional,mental and spiritual) to full awareness and presence in the NOW. Ascension is the raising of consciousness to a new level of existence, a shift from 3rd dimensional reality to that of the 5th dimension and beyond.

At this point and time in my life, it is irrelevant for me to consider or even waste a time to think of my end that is death and where it’s going to come from. After listening to too much 2Pac, Biggie and Jeezy music I realize that fear of death is irrelevant and that a real man should live fully and die fully. The physical body is just but a vessel for learning lessons that we ourselves chose. Our purpose in life is not to make choices but to understand why we made those choices. It is important for you to just be and start by being simple and embracing togetherness. We should all not focus on the self that is egotistic and selfish but focus on the soul that is togetherness and eternity.

I have also understood that no matter how deeply we sink into density we cannot distort or diminish or deplete ourselves in the higher dimensions of creation. It forever remains perfect. All things that happen while in a world of material reality are just but a chase of the wind. Void after void of nothingness. So brethren I seek thee to embrace togetherness and love for every being that we meet through the course of our lives for this was one of the core teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Posted by Titus Wenanga