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3 Ways to Make Money with Kilimall Kenya

Money plays an important role in every society in the modern world. For some, money is the only thing while to others, it is simply a means of access and everyone ought to have some. Unfortunately, you can never have enough and people toil every day in search of more money. People engage in all manner of activities to make money such as operating both legit and illegal forms of businesses. Both forms present different risks. However, illegal forms have dire consequences.

For this reason, i choose to help you escape the long arm of the law by presenting to you legit forms of business that anyone can do with Kilimall. These options are available for individuals who have no capital to start their own businesses, those already in business but have no online stores and those looking to expand their businesses into the online space.

There are numerous advantages from these options such as saving on costs such as office space which means you can work from the comfort of your home, quality family time and flexibility. If this is what you prefer then continue reading to find out how you can get started immediately.

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3 Ways to make money with Kilimall Kenya

There are three main ways that you can make money with Kilimall

a). Kilimall affiliate program

b). Sign Up Sub Affiliates

c). Kilimall (FBK)

Kilimall Affiliate Program

Kilimall affiliate program offers an opportunity for individual who own websites, blogs or have a huge significant social media following. This form offers an opportunity to anyone with basic knowledge of the internet since it requires you to register an account for free where you will be assigned a unique code that will be used to track sales made by you through sharing of banners and links on social media, website and blogs. For every sale that is generated through your link or banner, you earn a commission between 4% and 11% depending on the product that you promote.

Sign Up Sub affiliates

Signing up sub affiliates is the same thing as recruiting referrals for the Kilimall affiliate program. Here, you are required to sign up for the Kilimall affiliate program. Once on your dashboard, scroll to the bottom where you will see similar image to the one below and click on sign up Sub-affiliates.

Kilimall sub affiliates

After clicking you should be able to see your referral link such as the one below which you can then post on your social sites, website or blog.

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The concept here is all the signups that will be made by your link will become your team and it is your duty to reach out to them and guide them on how to make money promoting the program and you earn from their efforts. Simple right?

Kilimall (FBK)

This option is for anyone who wants to sell their own products and do not have money to put up a shop or have no knowledge and importance of starting an online business. This option is also available for huge corporates and existing businesses. All you need to do is contact Kilimall through their website and present the products you have. Kilimall will advise you on how to list a product and design an e-store for your products for free. Besides, the company does not charge you for listing the products. I know you are already asking yourself how Kilimall is benefiting from this form of business. Kilimall will charge you a commission which will be agreed upon by you and the company for sales made through their platform.

There are two ways this can be done:

  1. Have your products fulfilled by Kilimall (FBK). This means that you will package your products, send them to Kilimall where they will store in their warehouses and they will deliver anytime your products are bought. No storage and logistic cost on your part.
  2. The second method is referred to as Dropshipping where you will stock your products and when your products are ordered you will deliver them on your own or ask Kilimall to pick and deliver the products for you.

Now that you know three legit and easy ways of making money with Kilimall get right to it and promote products or sell your own products with Kilimall. Sign Up Here

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