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Why Moses Kuria is not stupid but going for the Mega Jackpot

Moses Kuria is at it again for what he is known best for. This time round this is why he is trending

Moses Kuria’s Facebook Screenshot

Moses Kuria is not stupid as most Kenyans may think. Kenyans are equally not stupid as Kuria may think. All that he is doing is a well calculated reasoning and nothing close to stupidity. Moses Kuria’s actions are reactions motivated by the outcome of the Supreme Court declaring Uhuru’s re-election null and void.

He knows and understands that the coming presidential election is going to be even harder for Jubilee to win. This is because the CJ David Maraga alias Mwanaume through the Supreme Court pulled a Sun Tzu stunt on Jubilee by favouring NASA.

According to Sun Tzu, the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Therefore, Uhuru’s supporters feel they have already lost even before the elections are held.

As it stands, UhuRuto re-election for the second term was nullified under the basis of numerous discrepancies and dummy polling stations. What this means to the voters who voted for Uhuru is that he cannot win an election fair and square without rigging out Raila Odinga.

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For this reason, his supporters including one Moses Kuria are pretending with the same rhetoric that they are going to come out in large numbers to vote for Uhuru in the coming presidential election.  How do you convince the voters to come out in large numbers when they already feel weakened?

In Kenya, we have a culture of shunning failures and so we never give people second chances. This can be attested from failures of KCPE, KCSE, cheating spouses and the current IEBC officials. Fortunately, for Jubilee supporter’s corruption is rewarded from time to time and they have the next election to prove me wrong.

Moses Kuria knows they may never get the numbers they got in the nullified election. This is because those numbers were illegitimate and the reason the election was rendered null and void. Why Moses Kuria is having sleepless nights is because he is smart enough to predict Uhuru conceding defeat.

To Moses Kuria, this means that he has a chance to become the supreme leader of his community. This implies that he could vie for the top seat in the coming years since he will be the most popular candidate from his community. There is the perception that the Kikuyu will be neglected economically in the event that Raila Odinga becomes the 5th president of Kenya.

Yes, this is a likely event based on what previous leaders have done before and the reason why Kikuyu consistently vote to ensure that it is their own in power and Moses Kuria is just capitalizing on this concept. Scaring NASA supporters is the only option Jubilee has to ensure RAO votes are reduced drastically for Jubilee to emerge as legitimate winners otherwise they are in  for a rude shock.

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Posted by Chris Morphart

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