Why the Jubilee government may fall prey of the global sweeping need for change

Kenya heads into August 2017 elections as global heavyweights continue to shock the world with their political decisions. There is a forceful need for change sweeping around the globe and Jubilee may be among the old timers that may be carried with the change wave to oblivion.

What am I talking about here? It started with the Britons opting to leave the European Union after being in the union for over 20 years. Theresa May was elected Prime Minister following the step down of David Cameron after the BREXIT defeat. The British people viewed the union as a hindrance to their prosperity following their uptight policies.

Then came Trump manic. America was swept away with a wave of change to focus on their interests rather than global ones. Donald Trump a first timer in politics white washed the veteran iron lady Hillary Clinton to clinch the most powerful seat in the world. We are yet to see how this change would affect global economic and geopolitical scenes.

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After that was the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye following allegations of corruption by her associates. This would never have occurred before but the current world is very unkind to any leader who squander public money as global economic conditions tightens.

Last but not least is the French election. Both leading parties that have ruled for eternity were left out by the French people in favor of two small players – Centrist Emmanuel Macron and Far- right Le Pen. Macron clinched the seat turning a new page for France despite his party being less than a year old.

Coming back to Kenya, Jubilee may be in for a rude shock. Neither that Jubilee is completely inadequate nor that is the opposition any better but just that time for change has come. “A change is as good as a rest” and Jubilee party participants should be cautious lest they become victims of the change wave.

It is unfortunate that other factors beyond the government control are working against their favor during this volatile period. First was the severe drought and now over flooding. Economic conditions continue to slump and the opposition is getting sufficient ammunition to fire the ruling government out of office.

In the words of current VP William Ruto,”August 2017 would be a close call my fren.” So brace yourself for the unexpected.

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Posted by Timothy II Aperit

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